Hitmasters MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Money)

Hitmasters MOD (Unlimited Money): Hitmasters is the best & popular android shooting game & developed by Playgendary Limited. A physical puzzle game with a detective scenario in which you will have the possibility to test your power as a secret spy.

You have to begin with easy tasks and missions whose main purpose is to destroy enemies, while the success of passing will depend on each step, so you have to scrape your mind.

Game NameHitmasters
Size66 MB
UpdatedJune 15, 2020
RequiredAndroid 5.0 or Up.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

With progress through the level of stress will increase, and locations will become more difficult, though, an awesome armory of weapons will significantly expand your capabilities.

Shooting games are one of the most successful kinds in the mobile Android gaming industry. Many games are being produced and published every day in this genre. However, not all of them are deserving of your time. Most of them are built quickly but some of them are the best.

Hitmasters MOD Features:

Hitmasters MOD APK is a very easy android game. But you’ll understand that it has more to offer than it lets on. With this said, here are the impressive features of Hitmasters:

  • Easy Controls – When we say simple, it means easy. You just hold the screen and aim where you want to shoot and then release your fingers to shoot. It’s that easy yet you need to take note of the protectors of your bullets otherwise it will be drained. You also need to take into account that you can’t easily move your character in here so you have to be careful and inventive when getting shots. 
  • New Challenging Levels & Chiefs –  Aside from the already challenging levels, you’ll get to fight a boss every 10 levels cleared. Although it looks like the typical bosses, these have more extra HP, therefore, more difficult to deal with. If this doesn’t phase you, it’s worth considering that there will be even more difficult barriers you’ll encounter on top of the different bosses. 
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  • New Gaming Mode – This game isn’t just a simple puzzle shooter. Hitmasters game has 4 different gaming modes for you to choose from. The Shotgun Mode is where your weapon is a shotgun that scatters bullets and is only for close-range action. The next mode is the Gravity mode where you use an object-sucking gun that you’ll use to kill the enemies. Then there’s the Ricochet Game Mode where you’ll use a sharpshooter rifle to take out points easily in long ranges. Lastly, the Toxic Game Mode lets you hold acid pitchers that you’ll use to take out enemies.
  • Variety of Cool Outfits and Guns – After making 10 levels, you’ll receive offers from the shop about new guns. There are a lot of guns you can buy and each of them has its purpose. For instance, you can buy new shotguns that you can use in the Shotgun Mode and so on. Then there’s also a broad range of outfits you can buy to suit your needs. You can change your look to however you want but you must choose carefully as they cost money. Take note though that the costumes will not improve your attack power or add any damage to your guns – their sole purpose is to help you look cool & awesome.


hitmasters mod apk
hitmasters mod

Final Words:

Hitmasters MOD APK is very fitting for you to relax beside a cup of drink or while on the working. You will love this game, please download it via the link in this article. It’s free, fast & secure.

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