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Now you could do so many more things with your rooted devices other than playing with the system settings or making changes to the system files. For Android gamers, you’ll also find it very useful to have your phone rooted since you’ll be able to make adjustments to your in-game experiences regardless of what game you’re playing.

What is a GameGuardian APK?

GameGuardian APK is a free modding & patching tool for Android devices developed by which gives you cheat codes for your Android games. By patching game data in your system folders or changing the game in memory, it can easily unlock pro features like more lives, unlimited money, infinite ammo, invincibility, etc.

Install Game Guardian installed on your Android devices, you can then provide it with root permission to enjoy more satisfying gameplay on your mobile devices. Feel free to make awesome changes to the games whenever you want, and more.

A simple and automatic game hacking tool for your Android devices. By making uses of the root support on your system, the app will let you access the game files and making certain changes to its system and save files. Hence, you’ll be able to modify various elements in your game, from the simple aspects like HP, MP, basic stats, to the more excellent customizations. However, you’ll need a certain level of information before starting the customizations on your system.

Game Guardian APK
App NameGameGuardian 
Size18 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.1 and up
UpdatedApril 20, 2020
MOD FeaturesGame Cheat & Hack

GameGuardian Requirements:

To use the app, you’re required to have root permission on your devices or run it in the virtual environments which offer fewer features. Common apps for generating virtual environments are Parallel Space, 2Face and a few others.

When using this type of app, you’ll have to make sure that your devices come with strong hardware to handle multiple processes in the simulator environment. You’re also required to run the games in the virtual environments for the modifications to work. And also keep in mind that certain features will not work as good as when you’re running them on rooted devices.

On the other hand, for rooted users, you can easily access the app by granting it your system’s root permissions. Feel free to do all kinds of modifications once you do.


Here you’ll find all the interesting features that are introduced to the app:

  • Supports All Android Devices & Emulators

To start with, you’ll find the app running properly on most of your Android devices with different hardware architectures including ARM, x64 and x86. You can also use it on Android emulator apps on your PC such as BlueStacks, Nox, LDPlayer, Droid4X, Memu, and more. Feel free to run and test all of its features on any Android devices within your reach.

  • Support Multiple Android Versions

And to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience on your mobile devices, the app also supports multiple Android firmware from Android 2.3 and above. Hence, it’ll work on your old devices as well as new ones with the latest firmware. If you notice any malfunction, you can always contact the developers to throw their emails on the Game Guardian website. And soon after, you’ll receive new updates with certain bug fixes.

  • Easy Searching Features

The android game which comes with multiple searching features that allow for more useful modifications. That being said, you can start by looking for the encrypted values on your games and decrypt them so you can change to how you wanted.

Besides, you can also locate unknown values by scanning different values on your system. Feel free to look for certain files using the explicit and numeric search options. GameGuardian app also supports convenient search using suitable file types.

  • Improve your in-game speed

To the modifications, you’ll first have the option to adjust your in-game speed using the provided customizations. Feel free to speed up your slow it down using the different options that are available on the app. Enjoy the desired experiences on your mobile devices with just a few simple tweaks.

  • Adjust Game Speed

The app also allows users to make multiple changes to their game by dumping old memories or copying new memories. Therefore, completely change your Android games. Moreover, for those who wish to enjoy more personalized gameplay, you can easily change your games’ UI using the customizations that are available in the app.

  • Different Languages Supported

For those who preferred to play the games in their native languages, you’re also allowed to choose between multiple app locale options. With more than 50 different available languages, you can easily perform simple game localizations on Game Guardian. Feel free to play your favorite games in your preferred languages.

  • New Updates & Optimized Features

Also, the app offers frequent updates with the latest bug fixes and new features. Hence, you’ll be in for lots of awesome features with every new update of Game Guardian APK. Not to mention that these updates will also guarantee that the app runs correctly on your smartphones

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