Best Custom ROMs for Android

Searching for Best Custom Roms for Android in 2021 for your Android Phones or Devices comes with lots of new features & customization with the latest android update.

Everybody knows that Android is one of the most favored & popular operating systems (OS) amongst the users due to its customization feature which sets it aside from iOS and other operating systems. 

Android allows the users to create & build a custom version of Android according to their use and preferences and that’s where Custom ROMs come in which offers tons of customization as compared to stock android ROMs.

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What is Custom ROMs?

An Android Custom ROMs is a firmware that is developed on the Android source code which is offered by Google & these Best Custom ROMs allow you to create exciting features and get to know about the latest design which you can use to customize your android devices. A good thing about android custom ROMs is that they free of bloatware & pre-installed apps and at the same time provide huge customizations.

Android users who love clean & fast UI with various modifications and want to give your android device some customization will love these Custom ROMs.

Top 5 Best Custom Roms For Android:

  • Pixel experience
  • Lineage OS
  • Havoc OS
  • Resurrection Remix
  • AospExtended

1. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience ROM

Pixel Experience ROM is a Best & Latest Android Custom Rom offers complete Google Pixel Experience on your android devices & providing features like Pixel Launcher, GCam, Live Wallpapers, Google Fonts & much more.

If you are android users & who love Google pixel phones and can’t afford to purchase costly android smartphones then you can install Pixel Experience ROM in your device to get yourself a complete feel of Pixel devices.

Pixel Experience custom ROM will modify your device into a Google device with all the awesome new features from icons, widgets to the launcher.

2. Lineage OS

Lineage Rom - Best Custom Roms

Lineage OS is a completely free and open-source operating system OS for various android devices & offers great stability & performance.

Lineage OS is a successor of CyanogenMOD ROM & After the discontinuation of cyanogen mod ROMs, lineage OS has become the most popular ROMs amongst the users.

Lineage has been able to induce a great number of users to download their ROM which in a sense connected the position of these ROMs.

Lineage OS ROM has been the primary source of development for all the other Android Custom ROMs as most of the ROMs which are available there, follow the footsteps of Lineage OS. Lineage ROM provides some better customization than others. You might be wondering why after such a good reputation in Best Custom ROMs, lineage has not been able to make it to the top of the list of most of the custom ROMs list.

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3. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix - Best Custom Roms

Resurrection Remix Rom has taken third place on this list. Resurrection Remix is a Best Custom ROMs is also a mature player in the business and started its community in the early days of Android 4.0 versions. The main highlight about Resurrection Remix is its feature-packed device settings menu loaded with winning customization options that grabbed the eyeball of the android users.

In a competition when all the Custom ROMs have been innovating, Resurrection Remix ROM has maintained to remain a step ahead of them by updating the ROMs with impressive features. Aside from design, looks & customization, the Resurrection Remix ROM development team keeps adding fresh changes in ROMs to make it a bold experience for its users.

4. AospExtended

AospExtended Custom Rom

AOSPEXTENDED is a popular & Best android custom ROM that tries to provide valuable customizations with great stability to its users.

AOSP Rom is one of the best custom ROM for Android & if you want to be kept your device from any problem while flashing your android device.

AOSPEXTENDED Rom is a coalition of all the requirements of a custom ROM, from navbar tweaks to gestures, designs to appearance joined with buttery-smooth Clean UI with fascinating themes. Provides Better Stability of this might disturb you but overall it is a must-try this custom ROM.

5. Havoc OS

Havoc OS

At last, Havoc OS Custom Roms is a new android custom ROM gaining amazing popularity & users online which provides a balance between performance & stability.

Havoc OS ROM in terms of customization just after resurrection remix, though it is one of the new players in the market, its flexibility, and the modern innovative feature has gained popularity in 2020

As stated earlier it is a huge customization centric ROM, you might have to face the problem of stability but it is a must-go Custom ROM for experimental android users.

Custom ROMs Features:

  • Stay Updated.
  • Offers Great Performance.
  • Removes Bloatware.
  • Get the Stock Android Look.
  • Lots of Customization.
  • New Features.
  • Latest Security Patches.
  • Awesome for Gaming.

How To Install Custom ROM on Android?

  1. First, you will need to download and transfer the custom ROM you want to flash to your device’s storage.
  2. After that, boot your android device into TWRP Custom Recovery. 
  3. Select the “Wipe” option from the TWRP main menu and enable a “Swipe to Factory Reset” on the bottom of the screen. 
  4. Go back to the TWRP recovery menu, tap on the “Install” option and select the custom ROM’s .zip file that you transferred to your device earlier.
  5. Enable “Swipe to Confirm Flash” on the bottom of the phone screen to begin the custom ROM installation process. 
  6. Next, Once your custom ROM is successfully flashed, you’ll notice the “Wipe cache/Dalvik” option, select it and then enable “Swipe to wipe” from the bottom of the screen.
  7. Press the “Back” button on-screen and then select “Reboot”.

Final Words:

Custom Rom provides you with the chance to access many new features that you might not be able to get on your original stock ROMs. Best Custom ROMs can also renew up your android device and give it a fresh look, which can sometimes prove to better off the primary ones and can make the android device bloatware-free.

A major interest for the newcomers is that they might find MOD a complex process and end up broking their android device, apart from this it is a very secure option if you are preparing to install an Android Custom ROM.

Which Android custom ROM is the best?

Pixel experience
Lineage OS
Havoc OS
Resurrection Remix

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